Friday, 7 May 2010

Last Night's Formal Hall 06/06

Thursday's Formal Hall, and BA dinner both featured three new recipes from Maze, our latest cookbook.
For a starter we served whipped goat's cheese with courgette fritters and truffle honey (bee's honey with a few drops of truffle oil). The original recipe called for courgette flower fritters, unfortunately even Pembroke can't afford to serve those for Formal Hall!
Very light and summery!
Next came grilled sustainable sea bream served with chorizo, black olives, tomatoes and parmentier potatoes. This great dish reminds me of the meals my family and I eat each summer on the Spanish coast (my wife is from Valencia and we try to get home to see her family every summer). The lightly grilled fish is wonderfully enhanced by the savoury chorizo, bitter olive and the crisp potato!
Spanish summertime on a plate!
Adam in full concentration during service
We finished last night's meal with candied oranges, orange jelly, chantilly cream and orange powder. What a lovely summer menu, the only let down being the weather!
Bon Appetite!

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